Adven Leuco Forte Syrup

Homeopathic Medicine for Leucorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea, Painful Menses - Adven Leuco Forte Syrup

Adven Leuco Forte Syrup (100ml)

Effective Uterine Tonic, for Leucorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea, Painful Menses

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LEUCO-FORTE (Leucorrhoea & Menstrual Problems)

• Effective uterine tonic for women of all ages.
• An effective remedy for leucorrhea, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia and amenorrhea.
• Regulates the menses.
• Useful in dysmenorrhea (painful periods).


Abroma Radix 3D, Saraca Indica 1D, Helonias 3D, Hydrastis 2D, Viburnum Op. 3D, Pulsatilla 5D, Syrup, Purified water q.s.


One teaspoonful (approx. 5 ml), twice daily preferably after meals or as directed by the physician.

PRESENTATION: 450 ml, 180ml, 100ml.

Contraindication- during pregnancy.

Do not self-medicate,Use under medical supervision.