REPL Dr. Advice No 114 (Baby Cal-D)

Homeopathic Medicine for Calcium Supplement for Children, Helps in Healthy Bones and Growth - REPL Dr. Advice No 114 (Baby Cal-D)

REPL Dr. Advice™ NO. 114 (BABY CAL-D)

Calcium Supplement for Childrens, Helps in healthy growth, Strong Bones.

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REPL Dr. Advice™ NO. 114 (BABY CAL-D)

(Homeopathic Medicine)


Indication: Calcium Supplement for Childrens, Helps in healthy growth, Strong Bones


Mode of Action:

1.    Vitamine D 32:

2.    Chamomilla Q: Cracking in joints, Convulsive single jerks in limbs, All joints sore as if bruised and tired  out. Numbness & stiffness of the arms on grasping an object.  

3.     Ferr Met. 6: Rheumatism of the shoulders. Drospy after loss of vital fluid. Lumbago, Pain in hip-joint, tibia, soles & heel.

4.     Kali Phos 6: Drawing pain in back & limb,twitching of muscles of arm & finger, No feeling in finger tips, Stinging of soles, Fidgety feet.

5.     Calc Phos 6: Pains in molar teeth, Aching in all the limbs with weariness, Pains in joints and bones esp shin bones

6.     Nat Phos 6: synovial crepitation- Arm weak,contraction of extensor in back of arm,paralytic aching, pain in ball of foots.

7.     Mag Phos 6: Sensation in limbs like a streak of electricity, followed by soreness of muscles,-Aching feeling in arms & legs; Weak & trembling.

8.     Ferr Phos 6: Rheumatism attacking one joints after another; joints puffy, but little red ;high fever

9.     Calc Carb 6: Sensation of crepitation , cramp pain in the muscles, Furunculi on the hands and fingers, Erysipelatous inflammation and swelling of the legs.



Each 5 ml. Contains  
Vitamine D 32 1.00 ml
Chamomilla Q 0.25 ml
Ferr Met. 6 0.50 ml
Kali Phos 6 0.50 ml
Calc Phos 6 1.25 ml
Nat Phos 6 0.50 ml
Mag Phos 6 0.50 ml
Ferr Phos 6 0.25 ml
Calc Carb 6 0.25 ml


Packing Size – 30ml.


Do not Self medicate, Use under medical supervision.